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The high-quality content that you've come to expect from Smarter Home Life, like many things in life, costs real money to produce. And while the ads may look cool, they don't cover the costs of our operations. We rely on multiple sources of revenue, like affiliate sales and direct support via Patreon to "keep the lights on". Instead of putting up some sort of "pay wall", we want to keep the content flowing, but need your support to do it. And there are ways, like shopping, that you can help us out by doing something you'd already be doing. Or, make a direct contribution and help us continue our mission.

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Do you have $1 per month to spare? That's all it takes to become a Smarter Home Life Insider by supporting us via Patreon. Click that link for all the awesome details and rewards! And you can see who already supports us right here.

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If you'd rather not commit to regular support, that's ok. You can make a one-time contribution to Smarter Home Life with PayPal and also directly through our website with major credit and debit cards. We'll be forever thankful, and you'll be helping us to continue producing excellent content and educating the world on the connected home.

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Use one of our direct product links found throughout our site, or bookmark this page and click one of these logos anytime you're ready to do some online shopping, and you can help support Smarter Home Life. It's shopping for a good cause!

1-on-1 Smart Home Help

"How do I make this thing work with that thing?" "What do you recommend for smart lighting on a budget?" "I'm moving into a new place soon and want to make it smart from the start, can you help?" Do any of these sound familiar?

The modern smart home can be confusing to setup and get up and running. Sometimes, it's helpful to have a real person to guide you through some of these challenges. Based on great feedback during a "closed beta", we've launched a virtual, video-based consulting service to solve your smart home and lighting challenges. Click here to learn more & sign-up!