Smart Home Consulting Services in Metro Phoenix

"How do I make this thing work with that thing?" "What should I buy for smart lighting on a budget?" "I'm moving into a new place soon and want to make it smart, how do I get started?" Do any of these sound familiar?

The "smart home" (or smarter home, the term we're fond of) is constantly in the news these days. From the brand-new Amazon Echo Show with its video calling and Drop In features to smart locks that let you "buzz people in" remotely to smart lighting that can sync to the time of day or to your favorite playlist...what was once only available to geeks or the rich and famous is now available to all.

But how do you get started? Have you perhaps bought a few "connected things" but they don't quite do what you expected them to? Are you starting from scratch and need a plan? Maybe it's just some good old-fashioned technical support. Sometimes, it's helpful to have a real person to guide you through some of these challenges in real-time. Our Smart Home Consulting & Support Services can help you automate your metro Phoenix home to best fit your lifestyle, and we can help via video conferencing services if you live elsewhere.

Joe Dugandzic has been helping people with their home automation and lighting projects for many years, even before he became known for his knowledge, product reviews and how-to videos on YouTube. After several months of "beta testing" personalized "virtual" smart home consulting with Smarter Home Life viewers, the service is now available to the general public in the greater Phoenix area and beyond! Clients love the idea of asking questions and getting direct answers based on Joe's extensive experience with home automation systems, along with home lighting design. Helpful suggestions and customized recommendations come along with answers to your questions on your project.

Recent Client Testimonial:

"I’m not a unique guy. I’m pretty busy, I work in a pretty large metropolitan area, and I’m new to home automation. Like a lot of my friends, I’ve thought, 'Man, this stuff is cool, but where do I start?'  You start reading about this industry and you get flooded with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wifi, Bluetooth-lingo that can leave your head spinning. It can be daunting determining your needs, researching products, and weighing the opportunity cost of those products so you feel good about a purchase. Joe helped me find solutions for MY family’s situation. The solutions he recommended saved me so much time in setting up my house the way I like it. You can skip the weeks of research and feel good about your choices by letting Joe come in with an assist. You won’t regret it."

Ready to get your home connected? Schedule your in-home session today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you charge for your services when others offer free consultations?

A: Smarter Home Life isn't in the business of selling products, and thus the knowledge that is imparted during the sessions and the time involved to offer setup and support services for a smart home is the product. Every package, however, does include a free evaluation of your current smart home setup or your upcoming project.

Q: Do I have to pay in advance?

A: Depending on the package you select, you'll be charged a deposit for your consulting and support session. This is done to reserve your scheduled time. If during your session you choose to not move forward with the remainder of the package time, you won't be charged for the remainder of the time.

Q: Do you also do electrical or physical wiring / installation work?

A: Not quite. For local, in-home sessions, Smarter Home Life does not provide electrical, permanent installation or in-wall wiring services. For anything beyond connecting devices to existing networks and/or wired outlets/ports, programming and consulting/support services, a referral will be made.

Q: Can you really do smart home consulting remotely via video conferencing?

A: In short, yes. After "beta testing" the consultations with Smarter Home Life viewers in the first half of 2017, it was clear that this was a service that was in-demand and the interactions were both genuine and helpful to the clients. You can choose to be on a desktop, laptop or mobile device during your session. Mobile is usually best, as you can showcase the spaces that you wish to automate, which helps convey more about your project. We utilize for the video connection and you'll be sent details during the scheduling process.

Q: What about when I need to buy home automation or lighting products?

A: Most likely, recommendations will be made for during your session for products that will fit in with your connected home. Depending on the package you chose and its included time, you should procure those products in-between scheduled sessions. We'll provide links to purchase the products from known resellers, such as Amazon. Those links may be affiliate links, and Smarter Home Life may earn a small commission from the sale of those products...which helps support our operations.

Q: Does this new paid service mean you will stop answering viewer emails?

A: Nope. Relatively simple questions will still be answered—and some of them featured on the Q&A videos—at questions (at) But many home automation questions are complex and quite difficult to answer just via email. This new consulting service allows viewers and the general public to directly access knowledge that has been previously been only available in limited form.

Q: Wait! I have more questions, can I ask you something before I commit to scheduling a session?

A: Sure! Just email consulting (at)  (And, we'll probably create more of these FAQs, too)