Smart Home Consulting & Support Services

"How do I make this thing work with that thing?" "What should I buy for smart lighting on a budget?" "I'm moving into a new place soon and want to make it smart, how do I get started?" "Alexa hates me!" Do any of these sound familiar?

 Joe Dugandzic, founder of Smarter Home Life

Joe Dugandzic, founder of Smarter Home Life

Joe Dugandzic has been helping people make their homes "smart" for years. Known for his ability to translate "tech talk" into something the average person can understand, he launched the Smarter Home Life YouTube channel in early 2014. Today, he's a sought-after expert on the modern smart home and "connected" devices. And, millions of video views later, people around the world benefit every day from his product reviews, technology and lighting expertise, and how-to guides.

Now, you can get answers to your smart home questions via live 1-on-1 consulting and coaching sessions with Joe! After "beta testing" the video-based service with a group of YouTube viewers for several months, it's now available to everyone!

What's included? Your session will be unique and generally tailored to your own needs, based on the questionnaire that you'll fill out during the scheduling process. After many hours of consulting time, the experience has been that a lack of specifically-defined structure for the sessions is usually best. you use the session time is entirely up to you, and Joe will attempt to answer all questions during the session, or will follow-up afterward with answers. If desired, an email will be sent after the session with a list of recommended products for your smart home project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you bill for your time?

A: The consulting sessions are billed hourly and only for the time that you use.

Q: Can you really do smart home consulting remotely via video conferencing?

A: In short, yes! After many completed sessions, the interactions have been genuine and helpful to the clients. You can choose to be on a desktop, laptop or mobile device during your session. Mobile is the best if you'd like to showcase the spaces that you wish to automate. We utilize various types of video chat services to be more convenient for you. (Check out the some of our glowing testimonials below!)

Q: What about when I need to buy home automation or lighting products?

A: Recommendations will be made for during your session for products that will fit in with your connected home. Depending on the package you choose and its included time, you should purchase those products in-between scheduled sessions. We'll provide a customized list to purchase the products from known retailers, such as Amazon. (Smarter Home Life does not directly sell home automation or lighting products.)

Q: Does this new service mean you will stop answering viewer emails?

A: Nope. Relatively simple questions will still be answered, and some of them featured on the Q&A videos. But many home automation questions are complex and quite difficult to answer just via email. This new consulting service allows viewers and the general public to directly access knowledge that has been previously been only available in limited form.

Q: Wait! I have more questions, can I ask you something before I commit to scheduling a session?

A: Sure! Just email us  (And, we'll probably create more of these FAQs, too)

The Reviews are in...

Joe Dugandzic is a wonderful resource for smart home help. He gives his time to create many free videos so I wanted to support him by calling for further technical help. A1 service. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Thanks Joe for your help!
— Laura M.
I recently was relocated to Hong Kong and I wanted to make my newly rented apartment as smart as possible. With a clean slate to work from I faced two challenges: I needed to settle on a technology platform and whatever changes I made to the apartment needed to be reversible.

During my session with Joe he very patiently explained the benefits, disadvantages and likey future of the different smart home platforms. This discussion transformed my mindset from one of conflict and dilemma to one of confidence in the platform decision I was about to make.

Joe also patiently walked me through practical examples of how I could install smarthome equipment like lighting in a way that would be completely reversible. He showed me examples of how he had achieved this in his own home, which provided a large amount of inspiration to me. He also gave me practical suggestions based on my own home’s specific situation.

Finally Joe helped suggest a number of devices that I was previously unaware of to help me solve some of my smart home goals. This was of great help to me.

Overall the consulting session left me with confidence about the investment I was going to make in my smarthome hardware, and significantly improved the approach I made with installing the smarthome hardware.
— Tobias M.
I’m not a unique guy. I’m pretty busy, I work in a pretty large metropolitan area, and I’m new to home automation. Like a lot of my friends, I’ve thought, ‘Man, this stuff is cool, but where do I start?’  You start reading about this industry and you get flooded with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wifi, Bluetooth-lingo that can leave your head spinning. It can be daunting determining your needs, researching products, and weighing the opportunity cost of those products so you feel good about a purchase.

Joe helped me find solutions for MY family’s situation. The solutions he recommended saved me so much time in setting up my house the way I like it. You can skip the weeks of research and feel good about your choices by letting Joe come in with an assist. You won’t regret it.
— Aaron W.