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Smart Home Q&A - August 2018

For the August Q&A, there's questions if TP-Link works with SmartThings, the range of Z-Wave sensors, wireless interference, and what's this Crestron thing? All of this and a little more on this month's smart home questions and answers session!

Q&A: Home Automation & LED Lighting - April 2017

This month's Q&A episode is a 2-for-1 combo, since April was pretty "light" on LED lighting questions. Here's the fun topic rundown for this edition: CFL vs LED for "daylight white", mesh Wi-Fi, 3-way smart switches/dimmers, motion sensors for home automation, smart home integration on Windows 10 Mobile, and...buttons, buttons, buttons!

Q&A: Home Automation - Winter 2017

This edition of our home automation Q&A show covers everything from Honeywell thermostat compatibility wtih SmartThings, how HomeKit is helping a viewer who’s visually-impaired, which sensors can trigger actions in Apple’s Home app, and more!