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Getting back on track, CES, 2018 smart home predictions, and more (UPDATED)

While I didn't post officially here on regarding the content "pause", I definitely needed to post something new here in 2018. As I talked about in the Thank You video, I've had to take a break from, and re-structure Smarter Home Life. But that certainly doesn't mean it's over. Smarter Home Life's content will slowly return in the coming weeks and months, but for now, let's talk about CES.

With Ecobee4’s “Alexa Hub”, is this the start of voice platform lock-in?

The highly-anticipated (and ridiculously leaked) Ecobee4 smart Wi-Fi thermostat launched this past week. The overall design and features of the new thermostat remain the same from the Ecobee3, and the Ecobee4 comes with a remote temperature and occupancy sensor just like its predecessor. But wait, there’s more: Ecobee4 doesn’t just “work with” Amazon’s Alexa, she’s built right into the device.

Hello, Bixby: Samsung launches 5th virtual assistant platform, SmartThings-embedded Wi-Fi router

Samsung surprised no one this week with the launch of the overly-anticipated Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones at its Unpacked event, featuring the much-rumored Bixby digital assistant. Most citizens of planet Earth have been eagerly waiting for another virtual assistant to use, since the four existing platforms of Siri, Cortana, Alexa and the Google Assistant just didn’t give everyone enough choice.

Google Home (and its Assistant) gets smarter with 12 new hardware integrations

Last fall, the Google Assistant debuted on the Google Home smart speaker and the Google Pixel smartphone. Initially, the only things that Google Assistant could help with were SmartThings, Nest, Philips Hue and IFTTT. Since the launch, Google has slowly added a few more, such as support for Belkin WeMo and Honeywell. But this week, an entire dozen (not a baker’s dozen) of new integrations were added to the Google Assistant.