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Quick Tips: Smart Ceiling Fans

Summer is quickly approaching in some parts of the world. And while ceiling (and other) fans help keep us cool instead of turning down the air conditioning, wouldn't it be great if they adjusted themselves automatically? It's easier to do than you think, and this edition of Smart Home Quick Tips will show you how!

Nest (finally) adds Family Accounts and Home/Away Assist

Nest Auto-Away: You either love it, hate it, or disable it. After nearly five years on the market, Nest has at last worked to significantly improve it.

I first brought a Nest Learning Thermostat into my home in the summer of 2013, roughly a year and a half after it had launched. I was very excited at the prospects of the Auto-Away feature, no-programming programming, the remote control functionality and the monthly reporting. Unfortunately, I ultimately disabled Auto-Away and the automatic programming, as they either didn't work, or they got in my way most of the time.