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Smart Home Q&A - August 2018

For the August Q&A, there's questions if TP-Link works with SmartThings, the range of Z-Wave sensors, wireless interference, and what's this Crestron thing? All of this and a little more on this month's smart home questions and answers session!

Q&A: Home Automation & LED Lighting - April 2017

This month's Q&A episode is a 2-for-1 combo, since April was pretty "light" on LED lighting questions. Here's the fun topic rundown for this edition: CFL vs LED for "daylight white", mesh Wi-Fi, 3-way smart switches/dimmers, motion sensors for home automation, smart home integration on Windows 10 Mobile, and...buttons, buttons, buttons!

Hello, Bixby: Samsung launches 5th virtual assistant platform, SmartThings-embedded Wi-Fi router

Samsung surprised no one this week with the launch of the overly-anticipated Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones at its Unpacked event, featuring the much-rumored Bixby digital assistant. Most citizens of planet Earth have been eagerly waiting for another virtual assistant to use, since the four existing platforms of Siri, Cortana, Alexa and the Google Assistant just didn’t give everyone enough choice.

Smarter Home Life’s 2017 Predictions for Home Automation and LED Lighting

2016 was, without a doubt, a big year of developments for the smarter home. From a wider selection of connected devices to increased competition of the voice-based digital assistants, all categories of the smarter home were taken up a notch. 2017 is going to bring even more change to the connected home, and will hopefully start to decrease some of the confusion and complexity that consumers face when getting started on the road to a truly smart home.