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Smart Home Q&A - May 2018

On this month's Q&A, there's questions on less expensive smart light strips, the best non-Apple HomeKit app to use, and combining existing in-wall speakers with smart speakers. All of this and a little more on this month's smart home questions and answers session!

Home Security and Smart Lighting Giveaway (Ended)

We’re giving away an exciting package of connected video surveillance tech and night vision-enhancing smart LED lighting to one lucky winner! The Zmodo Pivot security camera and Greet video doorbell let you keep an eye on your home while you're away, and LIFX+ smart lighting beautifies your home with customizable white light and a rainbow of colors, and helps your security cameras see better in the dark with special infrared LEDs.

Meet Qube: The First Affordable Wi-Fi Color-Changing Smart Bulb (Review)

Smarter Home Life gets many, many emails and comments from its fans about the price of home automation products, and specifically, connected (or smart) lighting products. Some require a purchase of a starter kit with a hub, and others are à la carte but are upwards of $60 per lamp. Why is this stuff so darn expensive? It's partly because this is still a relatively niche industry, although it's growing rapidly. But all it takes is one lean start-up to take on the challenge of building a less-expensive but quality product. And, that's exactly what happened in 2015.

Q&A: LED Lighting - Winter 2017

On this round of LED Lighting Q&A, many questions are once again about smart lighting and how to choose smart bulbs vs traditional lighting on smart dimmers and switches. Plus, what’s the future outlook for LED lighting in general?

Smarter Home Life talks home automation and smart lighting with Allison Sheridan

On the first day of my CES 2017 adventures, I ran into someone I recognized from appearances on shows at the Elgato booth, Allison Sheridan. While we didn't have a chance to chat much that day, we later conversed via Twitter and email, and ultimately I was invited to be on one of her shows, Chit Chat Across The Pond, a weekly technology interview show. She produces both CCATP and Nosillacast, her original technology podcast. We had a wonderful conversation on the smarter home and some of the new stuff from CES.

Smarter Home Life’s 2017 Predictions for Home Automation and LED Lighting

2016 was, without a doubt, a big year of developments for the smarter home. From a wider selection of connected devices to increased competition of the voice-based digital assistants, all categories of the smarter home were taken up a notch. 2017 is going to bring even more change to the connected home, and will hopefully start to decrease some of the confusion and complexity that consumers face when getting started on the road to a truly smart home.