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My take on CEDIA 2018: The Ultimate Smart Home Show

While this year’s CEDIA Expo certainly showcased a tremendous number of high-end connected home products and services, there wasn’t much that was worthy of me thinking “wow!” There were newer versions of control systems, with some new features of course, 8K video was seemingly everywhere…and in some respects—aside from price tags—it started to get hard to tell the difference between the high-end and DIY sides of the market. More on that later.

Is the smart home market in a lull?

Ring launches an alarm system. Apple introduces Siri Shortcuts. Google says you can have a “Continued Conversation” with your smart speaker. Amazon launches a voice-enabled A/V controller and streamer. Philips launches outdoor Hue lights. All of these products are nice improvements, but where’s the true innovation?

Smart home security systems new and old

You’re probably familiar with traditional home security systems, but do you really need a full system from one of the “usual” security companies? Today, the choices in home security for consumers have multiplied, with traditional security companies jumping into the smart home and the new smart home companies jumping into security. And, if you’re more “hands-on”, you can even piece together your own custom home security system and bypass the packaged systems altogether.

Home Sweet Smart Home

Have I become too reliant on home automation? Am I spoiled by it? Even while on a quick weekend getaway up to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, AZ, I felt strange not having convenient control of the environment of the hotel room where I stayed. Do I need to join a support group?

Quick Tips: Push Those Buttons!

These days, we're so used to the convenience of smart speakers and voice control, along with touch screens and apps, that we tend to forget that the original way to control the smart home was with physical controls. Multi-button control pads and wall controllers were commonplace years ago, but Apple, Google and Amazon want us to believe that everything will be voice controlled in the future. Well, I beg to differ.

Getting back on track, CES, 2018 smart home predictions, and more (UPDATED)

While I didn't post officially here on regarding the content "pause", I definitely needed to post something new here in 2018. As I talked about in the Thank You video, I've had to take a break from, and re-structure Smarter Home Life. But that certainly doesn't mean it's over. Smarter Home Life's content will slowly return in the coming weeks and months, but for now, let's talk about CES.

The Fairview Smart Home - Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to the Fairview Smart Home. A collaborative effort between Smarter Home Life and a close friend (and real estate investor) of the show. This is a completely reimagined and redesigned "flip" home in the Fairview Historic Neighborhood of Central Phoenix.

The Smarter Home on Earth Day 2017

How does Earth Day play into the message of making your home smarter with tons of connected gadgets and LED lights? It's a bit of a contradiction, really. But, actually there is some progress to be made in using energy-saving gadgets. (While they're really cute, this piece sadly has nothing to do with ducklings.)