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Zmodo Pivot: A Home Security Camera That 🎶 "Spins Right Round" 🎶 (Review)

So, there’s a home surveillance camera that evokes lyrics from a certain song? Seriously? Yes. And with its multiple on-board and external sensors, it’s pretty smart, too. Say hello to the Pivot, from Zmodo.

While Zmodo has been in the security business for a while, they’ve made inroads into the home automation space over the past few years, and at CES 2017, they unveiled many new products to complete their vision of a “smart home”. Introduced in 2016, the Pivot is a product that goes beyond the basics of a traditional home security camera.

Is the CIA secretly listening to what kind of pizza you order with Alexa?

It’s been one week since the “incredibly revealing” information drop by Wikileaks about the apparent abilities of the CIA to eavesdrop on individuals via devices ranging from smartphones to smart TVs and potentially digital assistant devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The United States, most of planet Earth, and even the International Space Station, were immediately sent into a mass-panic with nearly everyone abandoning their electronic devices, pulling the plug on their Internet routers, chucking their smartphones right out the window, and wrapping their microwave ovens with that special blue masking tape.

Best of the Best: CES 2017 Top 5 Smart Home Tech

Companies at CES 2017 showcased many new products for the smarter home, but only a handful were truly innovative and worthy of being included in our top five list. And why would these products make the list? Not just because they're cool... they have to solve a real problem, not complicate your life and do something that no one's ever done before. That's what we mean when we think of innovation.

Smarter Home Life’s 2017 Predictions for Home Automation and LED Lighting

2016 was, without a doubt, a big year of developments for the smarter home. From a wider selection of connected devices to increased competition of the voice-based digital assistants, all categories of the smarter home were taken up a notch. 2017 is going to bring even more change to the connected home, and will hopefully start to decrease some of the confusion and complexity that consumers face when getting started on the road to a truly smart home.