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Q&A: Home Automation & LED Lighting - April 2017

This month's Q&A episode is a 2-for-1 combo, since April was pretty "light" on LED lighting questions. Here's the fun topic rundown for this edition: CFL vs LED for "daylight white", mesh Wi-Fi, 3-way smart switches/dimmers, motion sensors for home automation, smart home integration on Windows 10 Mobile, and...buttons, buttons, buttons!

Home Security and Smart Lighting Giveaway (Ended)

We’re giving away an exciting package of connected video surveillance tech and night vision-enhancing smart LED lighting to one lucky winner! The Zmodo Pivot security camera and Greet video doorbell let you keep an eye on your home while you're away, and LIFX+ smart lighting beautifies your home with customizable white light and a rainbow of colors, and helps your security cameras see better in the dark with special infrared LEDs.

Q&A: LED Lighting - Winter 2017

On this round of LED Lighting Q&A, many questions are once again about smart lighting and how to choose smart bulbs vs traditional lighting on smart dimmers and switches. Plus, what’s the future outlook for LED lighting in general?

Unboxing + Review: LIFX Z Color-Changing LED Strips

Meet one of the newest members of the LIFX family: The LIFX "Z" LED strips with multiple zones for creative and fun lighting effects.

While LIFX now joins several other brands (Philips Hue, Sylvania Lightify) in making “LED strip lighting” that is app-controlled and can be integrated into home automation systems, they’ve taken it further by creating eight digitally-addressable zones per each strip.