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Smart home security systems new and old

You’re probably familiar with traditional home security systems, but do you really need a full system from one of the “usual” security companies? Today, the choices in home security for consumers have multiplied, with traditional security companies jumping into the smart home and the new smart home companies jumping into security. And, if you’re more “hands-on”, you can even piece together your own custom home security system and bypass the packaged systems altogether.

August raises additional venture capital, continues to unlock its future

August Home announced today that it’s raised $25 million in Series C funding. This increases the total funding that the smart home company has achieved to $75 million over the past few years. August says the additional funds will be used to expand their operations and further extend their products and services. In the crowded smart home space, and especially the popular smart lock segment, the company with a solid product, business plan and excellent marketing strategy will usually win.

Zmodo Pivot: A Home Security Camera That 🎶 "Spins Right Round" 🎶 (Review)

So, there’s a home surveillance camera that evokes lyrics from a certain song? Seriously? Yes. And with its multiple on-board and external sensors, it’s pretty smart, too. Say hello to the Pivot, from Zmodo.

While Zmodo has been in the security business for a while, they’ve made inroads into the home automation space over the past few years, and at CES 2017, they unveiled many new products to complete their vision of a “smart home”. Introduced in 2016, the Pivot is a product that goes beyond the basics of a traditional home security camera.