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Valentine's Day Home Automation Tips and Tricks

Whether you celebrate the much-hyped, over-commercialized, sugar-laden romantic holiday or not, Valentine's Day usually conjures up ideas of bouqets of roses, sappy greeting cards and possibly some chocolate treats. But this question might come up if you're spending time with your special someone at home, how do you make your home more romantic and "set the mood?" With so many homes today being "smarter homes", it's easier than ever to add a little ambiance, even with just your voice!

Why isn’t Lighting Answers doing a Halloween-themed LED lighting episode?

We could tell you about special LED lights for your Jack-o’-lanterns, special effect lighting for your haunted house, flashlights for your kids and home automation for spooky scenes to impress your friends. But that would just be video-clickbait! So here's a nice article instead.

While there’s nothing quite like real candles with a dancing flame to celebrate this ghoulish holiday, LED candles have come a long way in recent years and offer a much safer alternative to creating dramatic low-light scenes. This lighting designer has several LED candles that are over five years old that are still flickering nicely on their original batteries.