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Google Assistant: New voices, multiple actions, improvements debut @ Google I/O 2018

Google kicked off its annual developer conference, Google I/O, this morning with a two-hour keynote that ranged from Waymo self-driving cars to new Google Photos features to improvements in Google Assistant. And across all of it was a central theme: artificial intelligence, now being baked-in to nearly every Google product and service. While there were a number of improvements for the smart home, they felt a little lackluster. Also, there was absolutely zero information from Nest, a Google subsidiary.

Google Home (and its Assistant) gets smarter with 12 new hardware integrations

Last fall, the Google Assistant debuted on the Google Home smart speaker and the Google Pixel smartphone. Initially, the only things that Google Assistant could help with were SmartThings, Nest, Philips Hue and IFTTT. Since the launch, Google has slowly added a few more, such as support for Belkin WeMo and Honeywell. But this week, an entire dozen (not a baker’s dozen) of new integrations were added to the Google Assistant.

With the Google Home debut, where are Brillo and Weave?

Google made many announcements at its recent developer conference, Google I/O 2016, but yet some expected announcements appeared to be missing. While we were given great news on the new Google Assistant and the Google Home device, there were no follow-up announcements on the Brillo and Weave technologies announced at last year’s Google I/O conference. And, zero news came from Nest, either.