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The Fairview Smart Home - Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to the Fairview Smart Home. A collaborative effort between Smarter Home Life and a close friend (and real estate investor) of the show. This is a completely reimagined and redesigned "flip" home in the Fairview Historic Neighborhood of Central Phoenix.

With Ecobee4’s “Alexa Hub”, is this the start of voice platform lock-in?

The highly-anticipated (and ridiculously leaked) Ecobee4 smart Wi-Fi thermostat launched this past week. The overall design and features of the new thermostat remain the same from the Ecobee3, and the Ecobee4 comes with a remote temperature and occupancy sensor just like its predecessor. But wait, there’s more: Ecobee4 doesn’t just “work with” Amazon’s Alexa, she’s built right into the device.