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My take on CEDIA 2018: The Ultimate Smart Home Show

While this year’s CEDIA Expo certainly showcased a tremendous number of high-end connected home products and services, there wasn’t much that was worthy of me thinking “wow!” There were newer versions of control systems, with some new features of course, 8K video was seemingly everywhere…and in some respects—aside from price tags—it started to get hard to tell the difference between the high-end and DIY sides of the market. More on that later.

Smarter Home Life’s 2017 Predictions for Home Automation and LED Lighting

2016 was, without a doubt, a big year of developments for the smarter home. From a wider selection of connected devices to increased competition of the voice-based digital assistants, all categories of the smarter home were taken up a notch. 2017 is going to bring even more change to the connected home, and will hopefully start to decrease some of the confusion and complexity that consumers face when getting started on the road to a truly smart home.

Amazon expands Alexa's ecosystem with Echo Dot and Amazon Tap

For those who have been waiting for a smaller, or more portable version of the versatile Amazon Echo smart speaker, your wait is over. Say hello to Echo Dot and Amazon Tap.

Ever since its introduction over a year ago, the Amazon Echo has continued to become more useful and intelligent, tracking right along with Alexa’s personal assistant talents. Lately, it’s become quite suited for home automation, with many different integrations from Insteon to Philips Hue, and now, even Nest.