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Smart Home Q&A - June 2018

On June's Q&A, there's questions on the brand-new Amazon Fire TV Cube, how to trigger or schedule Google Assistant Routines, and using Insteon keypads to help automate devices in a smart home. Plus, a follow-up from Pete's questions last month. All of this and a little more on this month's smart home questions and answers session!

Quick Tips: Easier Smart Home Voice Control with Alexa and Google Assistant

Does your smart home have a few too many smart "things" and scenes that get tedious to trigger by voice? Do you forget what they're called, or perhaps the extra "trigger" words to activate them? Obviously most of us don’t speak in special code or in strange syntax. If these assistants of ours could be spoken to in a more natural way, it would probably make the smart home a bit helpful.

The smart home is (still) pretty dumb

Connected lights, remote-controlled outlets, thermostats with round displays, battery-operated Bluetooth locks, and of course the ever-present “smart home hub”. These devices make up today’s “smart home”, but is it really smart?

With Ecobee4’s “Alexa Hub”, is this the start of voice platform lock-in?

The highly-anticipated (and ridiculously leaked) Ecobee4 smart Wi-Fi thermostat launched this past week. The overall design and features of the new thermostat remain the same from the Ecobee3, and the Ecobee4 comes with a remote temperature and occupancy sensor just like its predecessor. But wait, there’s more: Ecobee4 doesn’t just “work with” Amazon’s Alexa, she’s built right into the device.

Valentine's Day Home Automation Tips and Tricks

Whether you celebrate the much-hyped, over-commercialized, sugar-laden romantic holiday or not, Valentine's Day usually conjures up ideas of bouqets of roses, sappy greeting cards and possibly some chocolate treats. But this question might come up if you're spending time with your special someone at home, how do you make your home more romantic and "set the mood?" With so many homes today being "smarter homes", it's easier than ever to add a little ambiance, even with just your voice!

Amazon expands Alexa's ecosystem with Echo Dot and Amazon Tap

For those who have been waiting for a smaller, or more portable version of the versatile Amazon Echo smart speaker, your wait is over. Say hello to Echo Dot and Amazon Tap.

Ever since its introduction over a year ago, the Amazon Echo has continued to become more useful and intelligent, tracking right along with Alexa’s personal assistant talents. Lately, it’s become quite suited for home automation, with many different integrations from Insteon to Philips Hue, and now, even Nest.