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Zmodo Pivot: A Home Security Camera That 🎶 "Spins Right Round" 🎶 (Review)

So, there’s a home surveillance camera that evokes lyrics from a certain song? Seriously? Yes. And with its multiple on-board and external sensors, it’s pretty smart, too. Say hello to the Pivot, from Zmodo.

While Zmodo has been in the security business for a while, they’ve made inroads into the home automation space over the past few years, and at CES 2017, they unveiled many new products to complete their vision of a “smart home”. Introduced in 2016, the Pivot is a product that goes beyond the basics of a traditional home security camera.

Meet Qube: The First Affordable Wi-Fi Color-Changing Smart Bulb (Review)

Smarter Home Life gets many, many emails and comments from its fans about the price of home automation products, and specifically, connected (or smart) lighting products. Some require a purchase of a starter kit with a hub, and others are à la carte but are upwards of $60 per lamp. Why is this stuff so darn expensive? It's partly because this is still a relatively niche industry, although it's growing rapidly. But all it takes is one lean start-up to take on the challenge of building a less-expensive but quality product. And, that's exactly what happened in 2015.

Unboxing + Review: LIFX Z Color-Changing LED Strips

Meet one of the newest members of the LIFX family: The LIFX "Z" LED strips with multiple zones for creative and fun lighting effects.

While LIFX now joins several other brands (Philips Hue, Sylvania Lightify) in making “LED strip lighting” that is app-controlled and can be integrated into home automation systems, they’ve taken it further by creating eight digitally-addressable zones per each strip.