Smarter Home Life is going full crowdfunding!

Smarter Home Life is now just over three years young, and continues to grow and change with the "smart home" industry. Last year, we changed names to better fit what we were doing, and this year, it's another big move - getting rid of ads. "What?" "Are you crazy?" Read on...

As an online brand that covers a portion of the consumer technology industry, our growth has come from the interest in and quality of our content, primarily on YouTube. A pretty small amount of ad revenue, affiliate sales and kind donations through Patreon has allowed Smarter Home Life to grow and move forward over the years...but it certainly isn't sustainable. We're also a victim of that growth. There are many products in the "review queue" and much more awesome content on the smarter home to write and create.

The only way that Smarter Home Life can live up to its full potential is by becoming a full-time operation. And, these days, the only way to make that possible is via crowdfunding. The "mandate" of the fans of Smarter Home Life will drive the future of Smarter Home Life. And that's why our crowdfunding campaign video is simply called "The Future of Smarter Home Life".

There's already a dedicated, loyal group of our fans who contribute every month via Patreon, and the goal is to expand it greatly. Ultimately it will make Smarter Home Life a full-time operation and let us get rid of the ads on the YouTube videos and the website. Ad revenue tends to go up and down through the year and can be unpredictable. And generally, only the YouTube channels and web properties with millions of views per month actually can sustain a business or make a living from their work. Patreon and crowdfunding can make smaller endeavors like Smarter Home Life sustainable.

I want to continue making great content, and focus more on what you want, and not what necessarily makes some algorithm think that the content is amazing. Many kind and supportive comments and emails about my work on Smarter Home Life have come in through the years, and I sincerely thank you for them. If you truly believe in what I do, please think about joining up on Patreon as a Smarter Home Life Insider. You can do it for as little as $1 per month. I know that sounds silly, but if even just 25% of the current YouTube subscribers gave a measly $1 / month, Smarter Home Life would go full-time! It's as simple as that.

I'm asking for your continued support to ultimate make Smarter Home Life into the #1 source for the "smarter home" on the Internet.

Thank you!

Joe Dugandzic
Founder, Smarter Home Life

P.S. It's entirely possible, and would be very sad, that if Smarter Home Life can't reach it's full-time goal this summer, that the endeavor may go on extended hiatus or even shut down. Please don't let that happen!