Q&A: LED Lighting - March 2017

Smart bulbs on dimmers? They go together like peas and guac! And how about specialized LED spotlight fixtures for a shower? These topics and a bit more on this month's Lighting Q&A!

Starts at 3:16
From Chris:

I may have figured it out.  In your lighting Q&A you warned against having Hue lights on a dimmer.  One of my lights was and it gets powered off a lot.  I wonder if that is messing up the network.  I moved the bulb to another location and nothing has gone offline since.  If this is still the case after a few days I'll me convinced I've fixed it as the issue was pretty persistent.

Starts at 8:44
From Nalin:

I enjoyed watching your 2015 LED Light Bulb Buying Guide on you tube. It’s very informative and educational video.

Do you have the latest version, 2016 or 2017, of the similar comparison show?

I am planning to remodel couple of bathrooms and I wondered what would be your recommendation to use such bulbs in recess fixture above ceilings.

I also have 75W halogens light bulbs in recessed fixtures around my house. What would you suggest in replacing halogens with LED lights?   Looking at 3” gimbal spotlights, more specifically.


Disclosure: LIFX+ smart bulb featured in this video was supplied by LIFX for testing and review purposes.