Q&A: Home Automation - March 2017

Getting better wireless performance from your connected gadgets and devices, alerts from HomeKit sensors, and...are home automation devices and the whole IoT thing even worth it?

Starts at 4:00
From Alan:

Great video, great channel.  

Yes I made it to the end and glad I did.  I use a combination of Hue lighting and Lutron switches with no issues to date other then Homekit releated stuff.

I contribute my success to taking a lot of time on the placement of my hub(s) along with addition coverage of Wi-Fi in my home since I had the luxury of being able to wire in everything to reduce dead zones.

Looking forward to see more the channel has to offer, cheers

Starts at 8:53
From rydmerlin:

For child safety. Can it alarm on your phone when the door is open? (In regards to the Eve Door & Window sensor)

Starts at 11:34
From George:

In real life all those smart gadgets produce more troubles rather than convenience. Stop wasting resources to money and do something really useful.

Disclosure: LIFX+ smart bulb featured in this video was supplied by LIFX for testing and review purposes.