Review: Insteon Outdoor On/Off Module

Automate and control nearly any outdoor "thing" with the Insteon Outdoor On/Off Module. Whether it's the holiday lights and you're looking for sunset-to-sunrise brilliance of your home, or perhaps it's controlling a fountain or backyard gnome, this module can take care of it with the reliability of Insteon.

Insteon is a robust, rock-solid home automation technology introduced in 2005 and uses both wireless and powerline communications to ensure signals get through to the things that you're controlling. Signals are repeated by each device, so as your Insteon grows, it becomes more resilient. Now with over 200 products, it works with today's latest smart home systems and gadgets like the Amazon Echo, Sonos Speakers, the Nest thermostat and more. And, whether you're a power user who wants to customize everything through software or a dedicated hardware controller or you just want to use the Insteon Hub for simpler home automation, Insteon has you covered. (The Insteon hub works with iOS, Android and Windows, use the Insteon Hub Pro for connecting up to Siri and HomeKit.)

Insteon's outdoor on/off module is weather-tight and ready for nearly any conditions from hot desert summers to harsh winters, and it's resistant to falling rain and ice formation thanks to its NEMA 3R rating. Just plug the item you wish to control into its bottom outlet, plug the module into a GFCI-protected outlet, link to an Insteon-compatible hub/controller and you're ready to go. While remote control is the name of the game, the module has a button at the bottom for manual on/off control.

Here's the official specs on this Insteon product:

  • Switches up to 1800 watts (lighting) or 15 amps
  • Plug and outle:, 3-pin grounded
  • Reliable operation in temperatures from -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C), up to 85% humidity
  • NEMA 3R tested for protection against falling rain and ice formation
  • Insteon Dual-Band device (powerline and wireless)
  • RF range 150 feet
  • LED indicator at bottom of unit

Smarter Home Life's Joe Dugandzic swears by Insteon and has personally used their products extensively for over 10 years. He's not being paid to say that even though Insteon did provide the module to SHL for review purposes.

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Disclosure: Insteon / provided the Insteon Outdoor On/Off Module to Smarter Home Life for this review.