Q&A: LED Lighting - November 2016

This month's LED lighting Q&A focuses mostly on Philips Hue questions and smart bulbs vs regular bulbs.

Questions are listed below, watch the video for the answers!

Starts at 1:18
Email from Tod S.
Great shows. Do you know or have you heard whether there is a version 3 of the Philip Hue BR30 bulbs?

Starts at 3:26
Email from Lewis L.
Tried to google, but not too much information available on bridge difference between Philips Hue 2nd Gen vs 3rd Gen. I know the bulb got some upgrades, what about Bridge? Is it the exact same model?

Starts at 6:44
Email from Ryan P
I'm looking at getting some LED bulbs, starting off with some of my lamps. I've got a ST hub and Alexa and many smart-connected devices.

I'm leaning to Sylvania or Cree bulbs, but wasn't sure if Lifx or Hue should even be in my running. I mainly took them out because of their price. I don't necessarily need color options or dimming either. Any help you could provide me would be awesome!

I love you videos!

Starts at 11:26
Comment from Shay F.
Can a Philips Hue GU10 bulb be used in a light holder on a dimmer switch? Many thanks.