Review: 1byone Holiday Laser Projector

Looking to escape the tangled wires of holiday lights this year? The 1byone holiday laser projector could simplify your decorating and give you time for more important things, like baking cookies, instead!

While laser projectors like this one seem to be everywhere these days, this is a great opportunity to take a look at the details of this particular projector from 1byone:

  • Separate green and red laser emitters project a static starfield of over 1000 individual points of light. While the individual points do not move, they tend to twinkle / flicker when projected onto foliage that moves in the breeze
  • Multiple functions controlled by included IR remote control: Steady on (R / G/  R+G), flashing (R / G/  R+G), flashing “show” and “twinkle” effects with variable speed control.
  • Optional, user-selectable timer for worry-free automatic
  • on/off control via the remote - set it and forget it.
  • Weather-resistant, all-metal and glass construction with ground stake and tilt control.
  • Projector head measures approximately 5” x 4” x 4”, ground stake is 6” high
  • 120V for North American power systems, low-power use at ~15 watts
  • 12’ long power cord

Safety First! Don’t look directly into this or any laser as they can cause permanent vision loss. Don’t point it into the sky as lasers can blind aircraft pilots.

This laser projector can cover up to a 2200 square foot area according to the manufacturer, although that might be a stretch. Although even from a distance, the laser points are bright and highly visible. Red always tends to be intense, and the green points somewhat overpower the red, depending on what they are projected on. But there’s truly no easier way than using a laser projector to fill the outside (or even inside) of your home with beautiful red and green lights of the season.

Included at the end of the video review is a synchronized musical holiday lightshow, which hopes to inspire creative uses of this 1byone laser projector and other smart lighting to create something spectacular this festive season.

1byone (and others) does make other laser and holiday projectors with movement and other features that are less expensive, but we do feel that this is a solid-performing product that can suit your needs if you’re looking for something simple. And, any holiday laser or special effects projector can definitely cut down un-tangling all of those messy strings of lights from previous years…and that’s what qualifies this as a product to make your home smarter!

Current US price: $59.99 - Buy one on Amazon and help support the show! (Use code P269C7BF to save $9)

Disclosure: Smarter Home Life received this holiday laser projector from 1byone at no charge for testing and review purposes.