Currently Available HomeKit-Compatible Products (April 2017)

Apple's HomeKit platform debuted in 2014, and products started rolling out during summer 2015. In 2016, the ecosystem of HomeKit products has started to expand, filling nearly every category of the smarter home. In early 2017, numerous additional products should finally bring the picture of a truly HomeKit-enabled home into focus. With recent news of some home automation and Internet-connected devices being compromised, HomeKit devices have the distinction of being some of the most secure home automation devices on the market due to Apple's strict encryption requirements.

These lists will be refreshed on a regular basis, last updated May 6, 2017.

(In general, powerline-powered products listed below are only compatible with North American power systems, plugs and light sockets except where specifically noted for international use.)

Lighting & Appliance Control (Hub Required)

Buttons / Special Controllers

  • Logitech Pop Smart Button - A button that activate HomeKit scenes that you can place anywhere, requires Pop Bridge (Updated version for HK coming very shortly)

Smart LED Bulbs (No Hub Required)

Lighting & Appliance Control (No Hub Required)

(All products listed below do not require a hub)


  • August Smart Lock (retrofits your existing deadbolt, multiple colors) - Our Reviews | Amazon
  • D-Link Omna 180 HD home security camera w/ night vision and 180-degree field-of-view
  • Kwikset Premis (replaces existing deadbolt, multiple styles, touchscreen front)
  • Schlage Sense (replaces existing deadbolt, multiple styles)


Smoke/Fire Alarms

Thermostats / Fans / HVAC

HomeKit Products Planned or Coming Soon
(Brand-New or Updated, No Hub Required)