Review: LIFX Color 1000 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb

Our most-requested product review is here: the LIFX Color 1000 Smart LED Bulb. With a gorgeous palette of colors and shades of white light and no need for a hub or bridge, it’s a great smart bulb for those just getting started making their homes smarter.

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Begun in 2012 as a crowdfunded project, LIFX today has an entire range of smart LED lighting products, including their just-released new LIFX Z “strip” lighting and the LIFX+ bulb with infrared LEDs which help home security cameras see better in low-light.

The smart bulb market continues to get more and more crowded, but LIFX continues to stand alone on at least one point, or the lack of one: you don’t need a special hub or a bridge to use LIFX products. Just download their app, power up one of their bulbs and walk through the setup process via your WiFi-connected smartphone or tablet. Control of the light is easy and fluid through their app, and LIFX products connect with popular home automation platforms like SmartThings, Nest, Amazon Echo and more. While not yet compatible with Apple’s HomeKit technology, LIFX said recently on their blog that support was “coming soon.”

Since its debut, LIFX has also been the leader in beautiful, rich color output by their smart bulbs, at least when compared to similar products by other companies, most notably Philips Hue. The LIFX bulb has the capability to produce nearly every color of the rainbow and then some, in addition to 1000 shades of white light from warm to cool tones. The LIFX app is designed to easily let the user customize the exact color, brightness and saturation of light glowing from their LIFX products. And, just like Hue, an ecosystem of apps supporting LIFX and fun visual effects has grown up around their bulbs. Philips Hue recently updated their “standard” color-changing smart bulb and we’ll be testing it shortly to see how both bulbs compare to each other in 2016.

And if you’d rather just see the raw specs of the Color 1000, see below:

- 75 watt-equivalent (1055 lumens) light output
- 11 watts of energy used
- 16 million colors and 1000 shades of white (2500K to 9000K CCT)
- 22+ years of expected life
- Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
- No hub required
- Android / iOS / Windows support
- Worldwide-voltage compatible with multiple socket options available

The LIFX Color 1000 is a solidly-performing LED smart bulb that makes lighting fun, instead of just boring white light. Beautify your spaces with whites and colors, jazz up your parties or just get ready for the holidays with LIFX products. And without the need for a hub, you can do all of that, à la carte.

Purchase LIFX products right through their website.  Or, via Amazon. (Both links help out the show!)

Disclosure: Smarter Home Life was provided with the LIFX Color 1000 for review purposes.