Roost launches its own Smart Smoke Alarms

The company that pioneered the “smart battery” to upgrade existing “dumb” smoke alarms has now officially launched its own line of smart smoke alarms.

Announced earlier this year and now shipping, Roost makes two smart smoke alarms with two different levels of detection. The lower-end model detects smoke and fire, while the higher-end version also detects carbon monoxide and natural gas. Both alarms are designed to be hardwired into 120V electric systems and have Roost Smart Battery backup.

The Roost Smart Smoke Alarms are advertised to have best-in-class detection technology which uses Universal Smoke Sensing Technology (USST) which “uses microprocessor intelligence that can detect fast flaming fires and also respond very quickly to slow smoldering fires – up to 87 percent faster* than the maximum allowable alarm limit.” The higher-end unit, as it combines four different detections in one, is quite impressive and does not have much competition in its category. Its detection technology also promises fewer false and nuisance alarms.

Aside from being a smoke (and otherwise) alarm, the Roost alarms are naturally powered by the company’s own Smart Battery. Of course, you could probably use a regular 9V battery with it, but why would you? The Roost Smart Battery (that we’ve previously reviewed, and is still alive and well) has Wi-Fi built-in and connects to the Roost app, so that you’ll receive alerts even when you’re not at home. And, those annoying chirps at 3 AM are a thing of the past since you are alerted silently via the app instead of being woke up in the middle of the night.

The Roost app connects with IFTTT to create custom routines, alerts and more (think: flashing red lights with Philips Hue or LIFX). In addition, you can designate other users to monitor alerts for you using the app. This feature can be extremely helpful is you’re away from home and need someone “local” to respond to an alert generated by the alarm and investigate a potentially dangerous situation in your home.

Both the Roost RSA-200 and RSA-400 Smart Smoke Alarms are now available at the Roost web site for $59.99 and $79.99 respectively.