Review: Cree's new Candelabra LED Bulb with warm glow "Candlelight Dimming"

With a unique optical filament design and very warm glow “Candlelight Dimming”, Cree’s new Candelabra LED Bulb might just make your actual candles jealous.

These days, finding quality LED bulbs is relatively easy (especially with the help of sites like ours), but some people still find that LED lighting just doesn’t reproduce the same “warm glow” as older incandescent and halogen lighting. Some bulb makers have produced LED lighting in certain shapes and sizes that mimic the “warm glow” of yesteryear, and slowly but surely those bulbs are becoming more commonplace.

For a candelabra bulb (E12 base), it makes sense to have this feature, as you’ll usually use them in a chandelier or other “exposed-bulb” type light fixture. Creating a warm, cozy ambiance in a dining or living space with LED lighting is now as simple as it used to be, just turn down the dimmer. The Cree LEDs inside the bulb change gradually change from a soft white light (2700K) to a very warm glow (1800K) as you dim it. The optical system inside the bulb creates a “simulated filament” that glows when the bulb is lit, and from a distance you might not even know it’s an modern LED bulb at all.

At just five watts of power consumption, the 40-watt equivalent (345 lumens) Cree candelabra bulbs sip electricity like a fine wine, which means you can really light up your home without being shocked by your utility bill. The new Cree candelabra LED bulbs are also available in a 25-watt equivalent variety, too.

The rest of the specifications? Read below:

- 22+ years of expected life (25,000 hours)
- Suitable for damp and outdoor locations, but not where directly exposed to moisture.
- Very high, 90+ CRI for more natural-looking colors (CRI is a measure of color rendering of a light source as compared to an incandescent light bulb)
- OK for enclosed fixtures, but only with other LED bulbs - not mixed with incandescent, CFL, etc
- 10-year satisfaction guarantee from Cree

Buy a 2-pack at Amazon for about $15: 40 watt-equivalent | 25 watt-equivalent
(Also available at Home Depot stores)

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Disclosure: Cree provided two candelabra LED bulbs to Smarter Home Life for review purposes.