Nold Open to become the first HomeKit-enabled Garage Door Controller

Even though Apple's HomeKit debuted in 2014, it's taken time for accessories compatible the home automation platform to become available that complete the circle of devices around the home. Nold Technologies looks to be the first to conquer the garage.

The Nold Open is currently on Indiegogo, raising funds to produce the unique and tiny product that will connect to most garage door openers, but also to other security "things" such as gate openers and magnetic locks. The device communicates to a smartphone via Bluetooth Smart. Their campaign has 16 days to go and they are 1/3 of the way there. While there has been discussion about HomeKit support for products like the MyQ Internet Gateway from Chamberlain, no one has a shipping product yet.

Nold Open is set to ship to backers in December 2016 for the “basic” version, and the HomeKit version is set to ship in March 2017. The basic version can be had for $65 and the HomeKit version for $90. The basic version is supported by the Nold app (iOS and Android) and the HomeKit version will be able to communicate to various iOS devices, and the Apple TV for control and remote access.

Controlling a garage door remotely via smartphone or the Internet is not new, but (finally) getting HomeKit support is. And with the recent IoT-based attack on DNS servers last week, HomeKit is looking more and more like good home automation platform because of its built-in high security. Nold Open will utilize the proximity features in Bluetooth Smart to enable automatic opening of a garage door or gate, and multiple devices can be managed through the Nold app. In addition, the Nold Open device has two relay controllers built-in, for connection to two devices from one Nold Open.

With the garage door being the “front door” for many homeowners and HomeKit becoming a popular smarter home platform, the Nold Open is an affordable product that doesn’t require you to replace your garage door opener to give it a new level of control.