LIFX Color 1000 vs Philips Hue 3rd Gen (2016)

LIFX Color 1000 vs Philips Hue 3rd Gen (2016)

LIFX and Philips Hue smart bulbs are solid contenders for the title of “Best Color-Changing LED Bulb”, but which one performs better? We’ll let you be the judge!

In the video, we show off the visual differences in color output and dimming from both smart bulbs. To ensure a fair competition, the bulbs were brightness-matched first, but digital cameras tend to pick up slight differences in light and color that we don’t usually see with our eyes.

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Our verdict is that the LIFX still offers a better dimming range and an ever-so-slightly better spectrum of colors. But light and color are very subjective, and what one sees as a certain color can be quite different from another. Both bulbs “play well” with other home automation systems, and HomeKit support may finally be coming soon to LIFX…we’ll let you know when we know! LIFX also beats Hue with its Wi-Fi communication, by not requiring anything more than a wireless router and a smartphone / tablet to get it up and running.

View comparison images below (LIFX on left, Hue 3rd Gen on right) to note the differences. Note that light and color can appear different to digital cameras than natively to the human eye:

Here are the rest of the specs showing the differences between the two:

Light Output:
LIFX 1055 lumens (75W equiv) / Hue 800 lumens (60W equiv)

Energy Use:
LIFX 11 watts / Hue 10 watts

Adjustable White Light:
LIFX 2500K-9000K / Hue 2000K-6500K (1000s of Variations from Warm to Cool)

Lowest Dim Level:
LIFX 1% / Hue 5% (“Blinks off” below 5% during long fade times)

Number of Possible Colors:
LIFX 16 Million / Hue 16 Million (We lost count at one million…)

Resume Last Color/Dim Level at Power-On:
LIFX Yes / Hue No

Home Automation Hub/Bridge Required?
LIFX No / Hue Yes

Worldwide Voltage Compatible?
LIFX Yes / Hue Yes (See websites for exact individual product model specs / compatibility)

Improves Your Life?
We enjoy using both! ;-)


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