How-To: Lighting up furniture from the inside with Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus

Placing lighting, and especially remotely-controllable smart lighting, inside of furniture to light it from the inside out is a fantastic way to create more ambiance in a room and make a space more "high-end."

In our four-part lighting project mini-series, Joe Dugandzic demonstrates how to transform a plain glass and metal TV stand from IKEA (Gettorp) into a beautiful, glowing work of art. The smart lighting accessory used in the project is the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus (watch our initial review here).

In part one, Joe demonstrates different potential mounting positions for the LED Lightstrip Plus and their pros and cons, how this project even came to be, and other ideas for lighting up furniture with flexible tape-based or rope lighting.

In part two, Joe shows a great way of getting the positioning of the Lightstrip Plus just right and testing it out before committing to put it in place with its adhesive backing.

In part three, the Lightstrip Plus is installed into the Gettorp TV stand, cable management is done and it's tested out for a final time before the big reveal in Part 4.

In part four, it's time to light it up! Joe shows off different colors, combinations of light both shining on and within the TV stand and some beautiful up-close fly-bys of the Lightstrip Plus in color-changing action.