Firmware update to Philips Hue stops third-party bulbs…wait, scratch that!

The latest firmware update to the Philips Hue bridge (original or HomeKit) had halted third-party LED bulbs, such as the Cree Connected and GE Link, from being added to your Hue system. But wait, there’s more!

Following plenty of complaints and backlash from the Hue community of users, Philips has decided to reverse its decision on not allowing third-party, untested Zigbee LED bulbs from joining a Hue bridge due to “underestimating the impact it would have on a small number of customers.”

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Earlier, the new firmware update had completely blocked access to third-party bulbs from joining a Philips Hue bridge, but existing bulbs would continue to work if they were added before the update. Philips had also launched a Friends of Hue partnership program to certify third-party bulbs for use with its Zigbee-based Hue bridge. While that program will continue, Philips says that it simply “can’t guarantee that uncertified bulbs will work correctly, dim all the way to off successfully or create the correct colors.”

If you’ve already updated to the latest firmware version and lost the ability to add new non-Hue bulbs, just hold tight, Philips says the “reversal” firmware is coming out soon. You’ll see the update show up in the Philips Hue official app and they’ll most likely post about it via social media.

Hey Philips, thanks for reversing your position and allowing the users of your products to continue adding non-Hue bulbs (with no promises of perfection). We here at Lighting Answers didn’t update, so we’re safe…phew!

Read the official statement from Philips at this page.

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Some information in this article quoted from CNET.