Why isn’t Lighting Answers doing a Halloween-themed LED lighting episode?

We could tell you about special LED lights for your Jack-o’-lanterns, special effect lighting for your haunted house, flashlights for your kids and home automation for spooky scenes to impress your friends. But that would just be video-clickbait! So here's a nice article instead.

While there’s nothing quite like real candles with a dancing flame to celebrate this ghoulish holiday, LED candles have come a long way in recent years and offer a much safer alternative to creating dramatic low-light scenes. This lighting designer has several LED candles that are over five years old that are still flickering nicely on their original batteries.

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The number one cause of accidental fires in the world during Halloween is over-eager decorators loading multiple candles into their pumpkins and ultimately causing them to dry out and light on fire. Alright, that might not be 100% true, but it’s a good reason to use LED (or so-called “flameless”) candles.

While we generally don’t cover special-effect lighting or fog machines here at Lighting Answers, we do have some experience with them. For an additional layer of fright, there’s nothing like piercing red laser effects into a room partially filled with fog. Hint, the LED candles won’t produce too much light that will kill the laser beams.

LED flashlights come in many shapes, sizes and colors these days, and can help illuminate your kids’ path as they seek out a sugar rush on Halloween night — and a later visit to the dentist. They last longer than their older krypton, halogen and “generic” flashlights, and sometimes come with special effects. But then again, if you really want your kids to be safe, grab a few super-bright camping lanterns and light up the entire street!

And finally, home automation makes creating frightening scene lighting a snap. Whether its traditional lighting kept “low-n-glow” or color-changing lights like the Philips Hue or LIFX lamps, creating the perfect look, or perhaps multiple looks for your evening of scary fun is easier than ever. Check out our own review of the Philips hue bulbs which you can pick up locally, or get it same-day shipping on Amazon and don’t even leave your house!

Whatever you do, make it creative, make it fun and make it energy-efficient.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, from all of us here at Lighting Answers!