Kwikset officially rolls out Kevo Plus wi-fi bridge for its smart lock

Kevo Plus "Bluetooth Gateway" and the Kwikset Kevo smart lock

Kevo Plus "Bluetooth Gateway" and the Kwikset Kevo smart lock

Originally planned for a spring 2015 debut, the Kevo Smart Lock now gains remote control capability with Kevo Plus. Described as being an upgrade to existing Kevo users’ accounts, Kevo Plus “comes with a free Bluetooth Gateway”, it appears that consumers cannot currently purchase a new Kevo Smart Lock along with Kevo Plus for a higher price.

Due to overwhelming demand, the Kevo Plus is now sold out, with multiple-week shipping delays for those trying to order the upgrade now. The Kevo Plus can only be purchased by existing Kevo owners by logging into their accounts at and is not available at other retailers right now.

The Kevo Plus will allow for realtime monitoring of the Kevo Smart Lock via the Kevo app, send/receive/revoke unlimited anytime and scheduled Kevo eKeys and, of course, lock and unlock the Kevo smart lock from anywhere in the world via the Kevo smartphone app.

This upgrade brings the Kevo up-to-par with the other smart locks on the market, which most—if not all—have some form of remote ability beyond basic Bluetooth-based control. Most of the smart locks on the market use an add-on Bluetooth to Wi-Fi bridge device to enable remote functionality.

There are no monthly access fees for Kevo Plus, and current Kevo owners can upgrade for $69.99.

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