August launches new HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock, upgrade offer coming in November for existing owners

Earlier today, August—the company who introduced its namesake smart lock to the market exactly one year ago—announced an upgraded Smart Lock that works with Apple’s HomeKit technology, the new August Doorbell Cam and new August Smart Keypad accessory.

The new HomeKit-enabled August Smart Lock, August Smart Keypad and August Doorbell Cam

The new HomeKit-enabled August Smart Lock, August Smart Keypad and August Doorbell Cam

The new August Smart Lock has an upgraded industrial design with a magnetic faceplate, micro-patterns on the turning surface of the lock for improved grip, along with a raised chrome indicator to show whether the August is locked or unlocked.

The smart lock comes in the same three colors as before: dark gray, silver, August Red, and a new color, Copper. The latter two colors show “Notify Me” when you attempt to select them on the August website. Silver shows a 3-4 week shipping time with dark gray having a 4-6 week ship time.

The addition of HomeKit compatibility comes after a long wait for existing owners of the August Smart Lock, with very few announcements regarding when HomeKit would be deployed. Many owners thought that compatibility might be via the August Connect device, since it contained both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios. But, of course, August was only one of Apple’s “initial launch partners” and never said exactly how HomeKit compatibility would be rolled out.

We reached out to August on Twitter to ask about upgrades for existing owners, as the August press release did not mention any sort of upgrade program. @August_Support replied with “We’ll send out a special offer to our existing customers in November.” No upgrade pricing as of yet, and since the ship dates are already 3-4 weeks out, the new August Smart Lock could very well be in short supply for the holidays, even for upgraders.

Rounding out their other product announcements, the August Smart Keypad is an accessory for the August Smart Lock to allow those without keys or smartphones to lock and unlock an August Smart Lock via a code. And the August Doorbell Cam joins Ring and SkyBell in the ever-expanding smart-video-doorbell segment of the home automation market. The Doorbell Cam does what its name says: allows you to see who is at your door via HD video and speak with them via two-way audio. The Doorbell Cam also acts as a Wi-Fi bridge for the August Smart Lock, so if you have both, you don’t need the August Connect accessory.

The final announcement was a new service called August Access. August is teaming up with brands such as Sears, Postmates,, among others that will enable consumers to remove barriers to service providers accessing their home. The Doorbell Cam and Smart Keypad, August says, will help to enable those services, which ultimately all revolve around unlocking and locking entry doors to your home.

These new products and the launch of August Access taken out of context aren't all that interesting, but put together, they would seem to give August an innovative edge amongst its competitors. Now, if August (and others) can only get the prices of these devices down to a more reasonable level.

The new August Smart Lock with HomeKit compatibility retails for $229 and the original August Smart Lock will now sell for $199. The August Doorbell Cam will sell for $199, the August Smart Keypad and August Connect both sell for $79.

We will update this story as we receive additional information.

Order the new HomeKit-enabled August Smart Lock at the official August Store.

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