Conversation of Things #1 - Allison Sheridan

Super-friendly and incredibly knowledgeable technology podcaster Allison Sheridan joins me on this first episode of the Conversation of Things. We chat a bit about how our friendship started at CES 2017, Allison brings us up-to-speed on her many years of being involved with tech and podcasting and we talk about how the iPhone has changed the world (including the smart home) and where is technology going to take us in the future. Plus, the Five Rapid-Fire Questions!

Today’s smart home is a reality thanks to the iPhone

The iPhone as the “Ultimate Digital Device” as coined by Steve Jobs in 2007 became much, much more than even he could have predicted. Today, the iPhone (and modern smartphones) has powerful apps, voice control, proximity automation, the list goes on. And all of those features, based in a hand-held device, have largely solved the decades-old challenges of creating a (real) smart home.

The Fairview Smart Home - Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to the Fairview Smart Home. A collaborative effort between Smarter Home Life and a close friend (and real estate investor) of the show. This is a completely reimagined and redesigned "flip" home in the Fairview Historic Neighborhood of Central Phoenix.

Q&A: Home Automation & LED Lighting - April 2017

This month's Q&A episode is a 2-for-1 combo, since April was pretty "light" on LED lighting questions. Here's the fun topic rundown for this edition: CFL vs LED for "daylight white", mesh Wi-Fi, 3-way smart switches/dimmers, motion sensors for home automation, smart home integration on Windows 10 Mobile, and...buttons, buttons, buttons!

With Ecobee4’s “Alexa Hub”, is this the start of voice platform lock-in?

The highly-anticipated (and ridiculously leaked) Ecobee4 smart Wi-Fi thermostat launched this past week. The overall design and features of the new thermostat remain the same from the Ecobee3, and the Ecobee4 comes with a remote temperature and occupancy sensor just like its predecessor. But wait, there’s more: Ecobee4 doesn’t just “work with” Amazon’s Alexa, she’s built right into the device.

Smarter Home Life is going full crowdfunding!

Smarter Home Life is now just over three years young, and continues to grow and change with the "smart home" industry. Last year, we changed names to better fit what we were doing, and this year, it's another big move - getting rid of ads. "What?" "Are you crazy?" Read on...