HomeKit-Compatible Smart Home Products

Apple's HomeKit platform debuted in 2014, and products started rolling out during summer 2015. In 2017, there is now a full ecosystem of HomeKit products covering nearly every category of today's smart home. HomeKit devices have the distinction of being some of the most secure home automation products on the market due to Apple's strict encryption requirements, making it an easy choice for those concerned about privacy and security. To get started with HomeKit, all you need is a recent iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and one or more devices from the lists below. And then you can start saying "Hey, Siri...it's movie time!" and your home automation wishes will come true!

This page is updated regularly, most recent update: October 16, 2017. This guide showcases products that will work in many parts of the world, some of which are U.S.-only. Look for additional country/region links to localized versions.

Product Specs / Also Works With
120/240=Voltage • HUB=Needs hub/bridge • B=Bluetooth-Only
Alexa • Google Assistant • IFTTT • SmartThings


Smart light bulbs and other kinds of smart lighting are the easiest way to start automating your home. Just screw them in or plug them in, link them up to your iOS device and you're up and running! In the past, most smart lighting has required a hub or bridge device to operate, which usually meant buying a starter kit...but some of today's offerings run independently.

Nanoleaf Aurora geometric LED panels


Koogeek Smart Bulb [120/240]
The first no-hub-required HomeKit smart, color-changing LED bulb in an unusual design. (US-UK)
Our Review

LIFX [120/240/A/G/I/S]
Known for super-bright light and rich colors, LIFX has a variety of bulb shapes, some even with night vision-enhancing infrared LEDs. (Older products Color 1000 and White 800/900, and LIFX Z are not HomeKit-compatible, newer products are.)
(US-EU-UK) Our Reviews

LIFX Tile | LIFX Beam [120/240/A/G/I/S]
New square color-animated tiles that can be arranged to create "light as art". LIFX Beams are 12" long, thin "light beams" that can be made into interesting geometric shapes. Shipping in November with international versions.

Nanoleaf Aurora [120/240/A/G/I]
System of interlocking geometric panels, with endless color and animation possibilities.

Nanoleaf Smart Ivy [120/240/HUB/A/G/I]
Geometric-designed A19 smart bulbs and smart hub with exposed LEDs, innovative design.

Philips Hue [120/240/HUB/A/G/I/S]
Wide variety of smart lighting devices from a well-known company, works with nearly all systems. (US-EU-UK) Our Reviews

Sylvania SMART+ [120]
Standard A19 color-changing smart bulb, soft white dimmable A19 bulb and Flex Strip LED light strip products from an established lighting company.


Like smart lighting, these are also super-easy ways of automating existing lights and appliances. It couldn't be simpler than plugging in a smart "outlet" into an existing outlet, and then plugging-in the thing you want to control. Done and done!

Elgato Eve Energy smart outlet


ConnectSense Smart Outlet [120]
2 separately-controlled outlets, 2.4A USB port, energy monitor

Elgato Eve Energy [120/240/B]
Integrated energy monitor (US-AU-EU-UK)

iDevices Outdoor Switch [120/A/G]
2 outlets, single control, energy monitor

iDevices Socket [120/A/G]
Dimmer, multi-color night light, E26/27 bulbs

iDevices Switch [120/A/G]
Energy monitor, multi-color night light (Review)

iHome iSP6 Smart Plug [120/A/G/S]
Basic on/off functionality

Incipio CommandKit Smart Outlet [120]
Energy monitor

Incipio CommandKit Smart Socket [120]
Dimmer, for E26/27 bulbs

Insteon Hub Pro [120]
Insteon's HomeKit hub enables many Insteon dimmers, outlets, switches, etc for HomeKit use.

Koogeek Smart Outlet P1 [120/240]
Energy monitor [US-EU]

Koogeek Smart Outlet P2 [120/A]
Energy monitor, night light

Koogeek Smart Power Strip [120]
3 separately-controlled outlets, 3 USB ports

Koogeek Smart Socket [120/240]
Energy monitor, for E26/E27 bulbs (Review)

Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmers [120/HUB/A/G/I/S]
Plug-in modules, dimming, wide compatibility
Our Review

Opro9 iu9 Smart Outlet [120/240]
Energy monitor

OPSO Smart Outlet [240]
First HomeKit smart outlet for China

Parce Plus Smart Outlet [240]
Energy monitor (EU)

PureGear PureSwitch Smart Outlet [120]
Energy monitor, 2.1A USB port (Review)

WIFIPLUG HOME Smart Outlet [240/A/G/I]
Energy monitor, "world's smallest smart outlet" (UK)


If you're interested in controlling existing lights, ceiling fans and other wired-in devices, you can opt to replace existing wall switches and dimmers with smart ones. You'll gain remote control, scheduling and all the other HomeKit conveniences.

iDevices Smart Wall Dimmer


Elgato Eve Light Switch [120/B]
Basic on/off control

Fibaro Single Switch [120/240/B]
Tiny, unique device can be wired into wall boxes or other locations for in-line switching of lights and other devices.

iDevices Wall Dimmer [120/A/G]
3/4-way compatible, adj dim range

iDevices Wall Outlet [120/A/G]
2-outlet control, energy monitor

iDevices Wall Switch [120/A/G]
3/4-way compatible

Koogeek Dual-Switch [120]
Energy monitor, two switches in one device

Koogeek Dimmer [120]
Energy monitor

Koogeek Switch [120]
Energy monitor

Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer [120]
Multi-way compatible, adjustable fade rate

Leviton Decora Smart Switch [120]
Multi-way compatible

Lutron Caseta Wall Dimmers [120/HUB/A/G/I/S]
Multi-way compatible, wide compatibility
Our Review (Plug-in version)

(All devices in this category require a neutral wire for proper installation and operation.)


Smart locks and home security cameras are very popular right now in home automation. And, trust us, once you install a smart lock and let it unlock for you when you arrive home, you'll never know how you lived without one! Some locks, like Friday and August, just replace the inner portion of the lock and are great for renters. Others replace the entire deadbolt assembly, sometimes requiring a re-key but offering features like an outside touchscreen for code entry.

Kwikset Premis smart lock


August Smart Lock [B/A/G/I/S]
Converts existing lock, sleek design. Only August Pro and August 2nd Generation work with HomeKit.
Our Reviews

Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge [120/G/I]
Upgrades Chamberlain and LiftMaster MyQ garage door systems to HomeKit. Our Review

D-Link Omna 180 Camera
Motion alerts, 180° view, night vision,
local recording storage only, indoor use only.

Friday Smart Lock [B]
Converts existing lock, "smallest smart lock"

Kwikset/Weiser Premis [B]
Replaces lock, touchscreen security (US-CA)
Our Review

Logitech Circle 2 Camera [120/240/A]
Motion alerts, 180° view, cloud storage only,
indoor/outdoor use, many versatile mounts.

Schlage Sense [B]
Replaces lock, touchscreen, tamper alarm

Yale Assure Lock SL [B]
Replaces lock, interchangeable network modules


OK, we'll admit, the Nest thermostat essentially launched the modern smart home industry. Sadly, it isn't HomeKit compatible. But don't fret, there are many sleek and sexy smart thermostats that are! Options like the ecobee3 and ecobee4 even come with a remote sensor to help heat or cool your home more intelligently. Pretty cool!

ecobee4 smart thermostat and sensor


Bryant HouseWise Wi-Fi Thermostat [A]
Dealer-only, Perfect Humidity technology

Carrier Cor Thermostat [A]
Dealer-only, Hybrid Heat technology

DeLonghi MDH Heater [120]
Multi-Dynamic Technology (Japan)

ecobee3 Lite [A/I/S]
Basic smart thermostat

ecobee3 [A/I/S]
With remote multi-sensor

ecobee4 [A/I/S]
With Alexa on-board and remote multi-sensor

Elgato Eve Thermo [B]
For thermostatic radiator valve (CA-UK-EU)

Heatmiser Neo [240]
Upgraded Heatmiser hub enables HomeKit support

Honeywell Lyric Round [A/G/I/S]
Classic round design thermostat

Honeywell T5/T6/T6 Pro [A/G/I/S]
Sleek, square design thermostat
(T6 model is for EU/UK)

iDevices Thermostat [A]
LCD screen, classic push-button controls

Nu-Heat [240]
UK maker of underfloor heating systems, thermostats and renewable energy systems. neoHub+ add-on works with HomeKit

Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat [A]
Humidity sensing, standard-size footprint

Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat [A]
Touch display, adjustable backlighting

Tado Smart Thermostat [A/I]
Starter kit, sleek futuristic design (EU-UK)

Tado Smart Radiator Controller [A/I]
For thermostatic valves (EU-UK)


Might it be time to spin out that old ceiling fan? Hunter, a leader in ceiling fans for over a century, makes a great line-up of HomeKit-compatible fans. They're great options if you're not up to retrofitting your existing ceiling fan, to be sure!

Hunter Signal smart ceiling fan


Hunter SIMPLEconnect Ceiling Fans [120/A]
Dimmable LED lighting, variable-speed motor,
energy efficient components.

Dark wood and metal finish, sweeping blade design, textured/clear light canopy

Dark wood, chrome finish, classic blade design,
frosted light canopy

White, sleek modern design with upturned blade tips and frosted light canopy

Lutron Serena Shades [HUB/A/G/I/S]
Multiple styles and colors to choose from,
integrate directly with Lutron Caseta system.

Soma Smart Shade Controller [HUB/A/B]
Controls existing shades and curtains, solar panel included for auto-recharging.


Detecting smoke and carbon monoxide in the home is important, of course. But ensuring that you get an alert about it if you're away from home is even more important. Be notified immediately on your iOS device if there's a problem at home with one of these detection devices from First Alert.

First Alert OneLink carbon monoxide detector


Fibaro Carbon Monoxide Detector [B]
Sleek design, temperature sensor, multi-color LED status indicator, 2-year battery life.

First Alert Onelink
Carbon Monoxide Detector [120]
Also monitors temperature and humidity, LED light ring shows easy-to-see status alerts. Tabletop.

First Alert Onelink
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector [120]
Battery and hard-wired versions available,
LED indicator shows important alerts


Just like detecting fires early, being able to detect improper air quality and water leaks is equally important. Especially for vacation homes in cold climates...burst pipes can easily cause thousands of dollars of damage incredibly quickly. These sensors run on Bluetooth, with batteries that last months at a time and alert you when they need replacing.

Fibaro Motion Sensor


Elgato Eve Degree [B]
Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensor
with large LCD display and sleek, metal design.

Elgato Eve Door & Window [B]
Open/closed contact sensor (US-EU-UK) (Review)

Elgato Eve Motion [B]
Indoor/outdoor motion sensor, 120° field of view

Elgato Eve Room [B]
Indoor temperature, humidity and air quality sensor (US-EU-UK) (Review)

Elgato Eve Weather [B]
Outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure monitor (US-EU-UK) (Review)

Fibaro Door & Window Sensor [B]
Open/closed contact sensor with alerts and temperature monitor, multiple colors (US-EU-UK)

Fibaro Flood Sensor [B]
Detects water leaks, sends alerts, acoustic alarm on-board, temperature monitor (US-EU-UK)

Fibaro Motion Sensor [B]
Motion, temperature, ambient light sensor with tamper detection and unique status indicator

iHome 5-in-1 Smartmonitor [120/240]
Monitors motion, temperature, humidity, ambient light and sound. Powered via micro-USB.

Kaiterra LaserEgg 2 [120/240]
Advanced temperature and humidity sensor, with laser-based particle detection for air quality sensing. Powered via micro-USB. (US-EU-UK)

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach [120/240]
Indoor air quality, humidity, temperature and noise sensor. History tracking, built-in sensing "profiles"


While commanding your HomeKit home via Siri and apps is really cool, sometimes there's nothing like having an actual physical button to press when you need to get something done and voice or apps don't make sense. These buttons are great to put right where the control makes sense, like activating smart lighting or appliances on smart outlets.

Logitech Pop smart button and bridge


Logitech Pop Button [HUB/B]
Trigger HomeKit and Harmony Hub scenes with
this multi-function physical button.

There are many HomeKit-compatible products that have been promised by manufacturers like LIFX, Netatmo, Canary, Ring, GE, Kuna and others...but they haven't quite hit the market yet. Some companies are re-evaluating existing product plans due to Apple's announcement this summer that it will be easier to make devices HomeKit compatible, while maintaining the high security and privacy standards. We'll keep you updated and add to this guide as new products hit the market.