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A Quick Update: Production of Smarter Home Life's web and video content is currently on hiatus until early-to-mid 2018. Learn more about the current state and the future direction of SHL, check out a product review, a smart home Q&A and a fun treat at the very end of the special explanation video now on YouTube. Thank you for all your support over the years...see you in 2018!

Whether you're just getting started with home automation or the "smarter home" (as we like to call it), Smarter Home Life is your destination for home automation and LED lighting product reviews, industry news, how-to content, Q&As with our audience, and much more. This site, along with our YouTube channel, showcases the very latest products and information on "The Internet of Things" and the connected home. Keep up with us here at the site, or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our mission is to educate the world on the benefits of smart home technology and how to make sense of it all.

Why "smarter home" and not "smart home" ?

The "smart home" has been the dream of many, but the reality of a few, for many years. Once reserved to only geeks who could hack a smart home together or the wealthy who could afford proprietary systems, today the much-hyped smart home essentially available to everyone. But, we're not quite there yet. As consumers bring home connected devices and make adjustments to their interconnected network of smart products, their homes become a bit smarter every single day. Smarter Home Life is here to guide consumers on their journey of creating a truly "smart" home.

Joe Dugandzic, Automator-in-Chief

Joe Dugandzic in the home studio - stylized by @neuralpainter

Joe Dugandzic in the home studio - stylized by @neuralpainter

Joe Dugandzic is the founder of Smarter Home Life and serves as executive producer and editorial director for our content. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, he's been working with lighting and home automation since 1993 and left his enterprise IT and web development career in 2015 to focus on creative work and online content creation. Today, he consults with viewers and the general public on their smart home and lighting projects, around the block and around the world. In-between shooting review videos and writing how-to content, you'll find Joe cycling around the Phoenix area, out discovering a new hot spot or coffee house, or binging on Netflix.


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